About Amigos Jewelry

We are a fashionable jewelry company designing jewelry for men, women, kids and even pets. Handcrafted modern and timeless beaded bracelets made of gemstones. Amigos Jewelry was created by founder and creative designer Claudia van den Hooff. As a hobby she started to design jewelry for herself and her toy poodle GinGer

After many requests she also started making bracelets and jewelry for others. She carefully crafted unique personalised handmade bracelets using the highest quality materials. The most beautiful gemstones and semi- precious stones from countries all over the world like India, Africa and Brazil. She decided to design a beautiful bracelet collection, each bracelet having its own personal story. And this is how Amigos Jewelry was born.

Amigos Jewelry will have an ongoing evolution of their brand. Making jewelry pieces that are unique and will never go out of style. Amigos Jewelry with a story…

“Let’s make some magic happen with our new collection of bracelets!”

Lots of love The Amigos Family